Winchester Gun Safe Sale

Winchester gun safe

Have you been looking for a great deal on the Winchester Gun Safe? Then you have come to the right place.

Winchester Gun Safe When you need a dependable gun safe to secure your personal and valuable firearms, you can always count on the great features of a Winchester gun safe. Winchester has been making quality gun safes for many years. They understand the needs and requirements of firearm owners to secure their firearms.

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These gun safes are built with precise specifications to ensure the security and safety of numerous guns. Their construction includes the highest quality standards while being burglar-proof and fire-proof.

These safes are manufactured in Fort Worth, Texas by Granite Security Products. Granite upholds the impressive quality standards of Winchester by making dependable and functional gun safes with an unmistakable western charm that compliments the look and feel of your firearms. With the exception of the personal e-Vault series all the Winchester gun safe locks operate on an old-time spoke vault handle.

However, there are several issues you need to consider before making a gun safe purchase. These include the number of guns you will store and the type of guns you will store. You will need to know how much space you have available to install your new gun safe and how much you want to spend for a safe.

Winchester gun safe features

Winchester features four series of gun safes and they are available in nine different models so, you have a nice selection to consider. These include the Legacy, Silverado, Ranger and Deputy. Each secure full-size Winchester gun safe features a lovely powder finish and various convertible interior options. They also feature 30 minutes to 1 hour fire resistance ratings depending upon the series you choose to use. Each model provides you with various features. Be sure to check them all out to find just what you need to secure your firearms. You want something that has a lifetime warranty against fires, burglaries and manufacturer defects.

Legacy Series

This is the updated Supreme Series with a new name and a cool new feature. It provides all the same features with the addition of an efficient door panel organizer. It comes in two models. The Legacy 26 secures up to 28 guns and the Legacy 53 secures up to 54 guns. This is the most impressive series. Its construction is of 11 gauge steel with 14 solid- steel 2 inch thick locking bolts. The Legacy Series has a 2 hour fire rating at 1400 Fahrenheit. It is UL RSC Rated with a UL Rated Lock.

Silverado Series

The Silverado series comes in three models. The Silverado 22 can secure up to 24 guns. The Silverado 37 can secure up to 51 guns. The Silverado 49 can secure up to 51 guns. The Silverado 49 is taller than the 37 and includes other interesting options for storage and security. This series has a 1.5 hour fire rating at 1400 degrees Fahrenheit with locking bolts on four sides. It is UL RSC Rated with a UL Rated Lock.

Ranger Series

This series includes three models. The Ranger R19 secures up to 24 guns. Ranger R30 can secure up to 30 guns. Ranger R45 can secure up to 51 guns. This series features 12 gauge steel construction with safe door that includes locking bolts on all four sides. It is UL RSC Rated with a UL Rated Lock.

Deputy Series

Winchester added the Deputy Series in 2011. It only has one model right now. The Deputy 12 can secure up to 14 guns. It is an entry level safe with a few options. The design features 14 gauge steel with 1-inch thick eight steel locking bolts. It has a fire rating of 20 minutes at 1200 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also UL RSC Rated with a UL Rated Lock.

While making the order for your new gun safe be sure to choose “threshold delivery”. It is the same price as “curbside delivery”. However, the delivery man will deliver the safe inside your home through whatever door is most convenient for your installation. Use it is a trustworthy online retailer with “threshold delivery”.

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Firearms are a valuable investment. You can rest assured that your valuable firearm collection is secure and protected from extreme burglar attacks and fire conditions with a Winchester gun safe.

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Mesa Gun Safe

Mesa Gun Safe – A Solid Beauty With A Brain

Mesa Safe Co is a trusted, reputed and well-known manufacturer of gun safes. It has been in existence for many decades now and offers a variety of products in different styles. Its vast range makes it very easy for you to pick a gun safe that suits your needs. The Mesa gun safe is a solid piece of engineering that protects your guns from what you fear the most.

Mesa Gun Safe Mesa gun safes are all steel, making them very robust, and elegant looking. In fact these safes combine all the features that are present in gun safes and burglar safes. Every Mesa safe can resist a raging fire for one whole hour. These gun safes are tested in extreme temperatures and can happily withstand up to 1750 degrees – and that’s a huge, hot number indeed. The safes contain a special seal that swells to 8 times its original size and thereby protects the safe’s contents from the blazing heat and then from the water that is cannoned by the fire folks.

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You can even choose a safe that has an electronic lock as such safes are safeguarded by a sophisticated spring-loaded device. If you are not comfortable with electronic locks, then you can always choose the traditional combination lock. Also, these safes also allow you to install a dehumidifier as each safe comes equipped with a hole at the back.

The interior shelves in these safes are adjustable. You can chop and change them around to cater to your unique needs. A Mesa gun safe’s shelves, walls, and door panel are stylishly upholstered.

This is one heck of a heavy safe. To move this safe you need three muscular men (the lumberjack variety), a hand truck and a jack. Plus, its solid 1mm in diameter, full-steel locking bolts are enough to give any burglar an impossible time. The safe features four anchor holes, which can be used to screw the safe on to the floor. Once it is installed, the Mesa gun safe helps protect your valuables and guns from burglars and fires.

Hunters, firearm collectors, firearm hobbyists and firearm owners simply love this safe because it secures and protects their valuable possessions. It is a no-brainer that you must keep your firearms, knives, ammo and other weapons in a solidly safe “safe.” The Mesa gun safe helps you secure your firearms and thereby prevents any unauthorized access – from children, newbie firearm amateurs and burglars, and that’s its biggest advantage.

Mesa SafesYou get a limited lifetime warranty with every Mesa gun safe. All original owners can get their fire- or theft-damaged safes replaced at absolutely no cost. However, to take advantage of this feature, the owner must file for a police or fire department report and then hand it over to the company within 30 days of the unfortunate event. The company will then immediately replace your safe with another equivalent.

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The Mesa gun safe provides advanced security and value for money for your precious firearms and valuables. It is very robust and good to look at as well – kind of like beauty with brains. It makes for an excellent investment and therefore, you must buy one today if you want to secure your firearms.

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Fort Knox Gun Safe

Fort Knox Gun Safe- The Most Secure Safe In The Market

FK_Executive-fire-gun-safeThere are 100s of brands competing with each other in the gun safe market. The buyer often gets lost in these brands and ends up choosing the wrong gun safe. It is recommended that all customers must first analyze the safe’s use and then shortlist from the many options available. One failsafe option to choose is the Fort Knox gun safe if you are unsure of what to buy. That’s because this versatile safe is real value-for-money and it also gives its buyer many customization options.

Fort Knox safes are made in USA – these are solid all-American safes that are manufactured in Orem, Utah. These are not some cheap imports. For the uninitiated, Fort Knox is a very reputed gun safe manufacturer that complies with very strict manufacturing standards. It manufactures a variety of safes and allows customers to choose from different locks, colors and accessories. The safes are customizable and the customer can easily choose a safe within minutes be it a handgun safe or a multi-gun safe. Fort Knox line of products includes bestselling names like Titan, Guardian, Executive, Maverick and Defender.

Fort Knox safes come in 6 sizes and each safe offers around 8 arrangement choices. This is a huge number because other manufacturers offer no more than 2-3 different arrangements. Also, Fort Knox has about 40 different interior arrangement options for you to choose from.

You can choose from 14 handsome and high-quality colors. Fort Knox employs a top of the line, multi-stage painting process and uses the best auto paints available. Its state-of-the-art painting facility also includes an oven that bakes the paint and therefore makes the paint more durable and the finish richer. No other brand can ever emulate a Fort Knox safe finish.

These sturdy and burglar-proof safes have 4 lock options. All other safes offer 3 lock options – electronic, mechanical and biometric. But the Fort Knox gun safe offers 4 options – all of the above, plus a redundant option that allows you to use the electronic lock as the main lock and the mechanical lock as a backup. It also allows you to use either option at any time.

These safes are equipped with safe door hinges on the left side – most safes have the hinges to their right. This may seem minor, but having the hinges on the left side makes for a better and safer placement option.

You can play around and customize the security levels on these robust safes before you even buy one. For example, you can opt for a 10-guage steel liner, which is the thickest liner used in safes. A 10-guage steel liner doubly secures the safe because a burglar will have to assault the safe at least twice to try and get a break-in. This feature enhances security and literally makes the safe burglar-proof.

Fort Knox gun safes are hand-crafted to ensure that you are completely satisfied. They are also very vigorously tested to ensure that each safe meets your expectations. The standards set for these safe are specified by Underwriters Laboratory, which is the largest non-profit organization that protects consumers’ interests. Knowing that the safe conforms to very high security standards is enough to impart adequate peace of mind.

The materials used in these safes are all high-quality. The craftsmanship is superior and the engineering is innovative. The designs are creative and the manufacturing process is exacting. You just cannot go wrong when you invest in a Fort Knox safe.

The safes are equipped with some exclusive features – the famous Reinforced Fire Door protects the safe from fire and the Pinion Gearing and Star Corner Bolts make the safe easy to operate and extra-secure. Even a raging fire of up to 1680 degrees F cannot damage the safe (for 90 minutes).

Fort Knox safes are affordable and easy to install. Their enhanced security, good looks, fire-resistant capabilities, concealed hinges, robust steel liner, aesthetic interiors and racks, unique body design, and other such rich features give these safes the extra edge. Almost all models are equipped with a lifetime warranty and every customer can get a unique design if he so chooses.

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Bighorn Safe

Bighorn Safe Deal

Bighorn safes are manufactured by Rhino Metals, a company that is committed to crafting very high-quality and solid gun safes. These safes are preferred by gun owners and that is why the Internet is peppered with so many favorable reviews. These safes are stable, secure and provide great value-for-money.

Bighorn Safe

You can get a variety of thicknesses in a Bighorn gun safe, which means that you can easily find an appropriate safe that will easily fit into your walls. The safes also come with pre-drilled holes, which make fitting and anchoring on the floor a very simple task. You can even fix a dehumidifier very easily because of these holes. The interior of these safes is fully adjustable. It contains very high-quality gray fabric and you can enhance or reduce shelf space per your requirements. You will be surprised to know that you can even adjust the safe to hold up to 30 long guns.

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The external hinges come as an add-on with every purchase. These hinges enable a 180-degree rotation of the safe’s door. This feature makes the Bighorn safe stand apart from the rest because most other safes in the market allow for a 90-degree door rotation. Hinges make the safe more stable and secure. The Bighorn safe also comes equipped with side locking bolts, which offer additional safety in case the hinges are sawed off. The hinges also allow you to easily remove the door.

More Features on the Bighorn Safe

Bighorn gun safes also feature a vault-style, 5-spoke handle that provides additional security. Other safes are equipped with a regular standard plate drop handle.

Bighorn safes are fire resistant – they are equipped with a 1200-degree and 30-70 minute fire rating, which varies per model. The interior of the safe is plush and features a protective lining. Bighorn safes are the best safes around and an absolute necessity for all gun and valuable owners.

The safes are manufactured using thick 10-gauge steel. This translates to a thicker wall, which makes break-ins very difficult. The outside of the safe is made of drill-resistant steel, and this doubly ensures that no burglar can get his hands on your precious valuables or guns.

Bighorn safes are solid and heavy-bodied. They are fire-resistant and Rhino Metals follows the industry best practices while manufacturing these safes. The safes are also equipped with a solid and customer-friendly warranty.

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Cheap Gun Safes

Cheap Gun Safes

Looking for a Cheap Gun Safes? Information on a good deal is available right here.

While searching for ‘cheap gun safes’ online, you want to ensure that the products you find are of high quality and durability. You want the best quality for a good price. You do not have to sacrifice quality for price when you can get cheap gun safes that are of high quality materials.

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You can find what you want and need while searching for gun safes of good quality that are less expensive. Gun safes are rated according to how hot a fire it can withstand as well as for the length of time it can withstand the heat.

The Independent Underwriters Laboratory (UL) tests most brands of gun safes to determine their rating. It is essential while shopping for gun safes that you choose one that is “UL Listed” since this lets you know that the product you choose did actually pass its UL test. Whereas any product that is labeled “Tested to UL Standards” only means the product was submitted for testing. This label does not ensure that the product passed the test.

The UL subjects fire safes to different temperatures for different lengths of time for testing. For a safe to earn a UL classification the items inside the safe must remain undamaged. Therefore when you find gun safes for cheap with ‘Tested to UL Standards’ labels, you should consider it negatively cheap for good reasons. Alternately, such products with ‘UL Listed’ labels you should consider positively cheap for good reasons since it has passed rigorous testing.

Your guns are an expensive investment that you must protect. You also have to protect anyone who might have access to your firearms, especially children. Children of course, are naturally curious which might lead to getting into harmful things such as guns. Guns are great for protection. However, they can lead to fatalities when in the wrong hands. This is why using a dependable and secure gun safe is so very important.

However, gun safes can be very expensive. Finding and using cheap gun safes may be the answer although finding something cheap does not mean it is of low quality. You want a good quality safe with resourceful features at a great price. While shopping for a gun safe you should consider the size of your gun collection and whether or not you plan to expand your collection.

Do not buy a gun safe that is too small to accommodate the guns you have and any new additions. You will have no need for several small safes when you can use one large safe to accommodate all your firearms. You can make better use of your resources and money by finding a great deal on a large safe.

Buying a low quality cheap gun safe to use will not last you forever. It will not withstand severe damage from fires and floods. It may not prevent theft or even the prying of small but determined hands of children. Shopping for a gun safe takes a lot of thought. You want to insure the safety of your possessions as well as the safety of others.

One online retailer of discounted gun safes is Some third-party vendors use Amazon to sell gun safes. This is good since it means that the vendors must compete with one another to offer you their products for the lowest prices. You can search there now to find cheap gun safes that are of high quality and are dependable for securing all your firearms.

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Car Gun Safe

Car Gun Safe: Firearm Safety and Security on Wheels

Car Gun SafeAs its name goes, a car gun safe is situated in a car. These safes are designed so that you can carry your firearms while on the move, and also prevent their misuse. A vehicle gun safe can also protect you from legal hassles that could arise if you are held for having a firearm in a vehicle that does not have security. Car gun safes enclose firearms in a solid steel casing, which comes equipped with a very secure lock. These gun safes are anchored by a very strong steel cable – this ensures that no one can remove the safe from the car and carry it away.

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There are all kinds of vehicle gun safes available in the market.

You can choose from the basic to the latest biometric models. The more advanced a safe, the higher its cost. So, a biometric safe will cost much more than a Plain Jane metal model that is simply fastened inside a stationary part in your vehicle’s interior.

If you use your firearms often and want to access them frequently, then you need a model that is simple to use and one that opens quickly. In such cases don’t opt for a dual locking system because it can consume time and frustrate you. Opt either for a biometric lock or a key lock, so that you can open the safe quickly.

Though biometric safes are sophisticated and really high-tech, you cannot place these under your seat. These vehicle gun safes must be mounted in a trunk or in the back of a sports utility vehicle. So, the lesson here is that if you have to access a biometric car gun safe, you will have to get out of your seat. If you want to reach for your gun from the comfort of your seat and without appearing to reach for your gun, then buy a small and lean safe that can be tethered to the area that is under the driver’s seat.

Now we come to the security aspect of a car gun safe.

Car Gun SafeAny thief, including an amateur, can easily break into any car’s glove box and retrieve its valuables. All a car thief needs is a simple crowbar to break into any car’s glove box. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to store your gun in the glove compartment. A biometric car safe makes for a very secure and solid car gun safe. If you own a SUV, and want the safe under your seat, then you have to get it fixed in the console between the seats. Other cars can fix a safe under their seat or inside the glove compartment.

Many SUV owners convert their center consoles storage into an area that can hold a car gun safe. The center consoles are intended to double up as car gun safe storage places and therefore no modifications are necessary. Once the console vault is locked and the armrest is placed over the console, the gun safe gets neatly hidden, and no one can tell there’s a gun safe tucked away in the center console. Installing a vehicle gun safe in this area does not in any way alter the original build or look of the car. Nothing has to be cut, pried open, modified, or drilled into. Even the original nuts and bolts are replaced back after fitting. Placing a vehicle gun safe in the center console area is a great decision because you can easily access your firearm and therefore enhance your security.

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Homak Gun Safe

Homak Gun Safe

Have you been looking for a great deal on Homak Gun Safe? Then you have come to the right place.

Homak Gun Safe

You can secure your firearms with a Homak gun safe today and rest a bit easier knowing your guns are safe. Homak has been building gun safes and accessories for about 60 years. They are available in various forms, shapes and sizes. They also provide you with various capabilities and benefits.

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The design of a Homak gun cabinet is of welded sheet steel. They are suitable for storing long guns and handguns securely. You may choose a gun cabinet that can securely store between 5 and 14 long guns, depending on the size and design you prefer. The majorities of these gun safes are rectangular and are for mounting in a closet or along a wall. However, there is a 10-gun model that features five shelves for storage it is especially designed for corner mounting.

Keep in mind that these types of gun safes are economy security cabinets. They are lightweight security cabinets. They can provide you with better security than a wall rack. You must bolt them to the wall and or floor to help prevent some thief from toting them off since they are lightweight. For instance, the 5-gun model weights approximately 60 pounds.

Homak recommends that you install these gun safes inside a closet to help prevent a potential thief from prying open your security cabinet. Since, these types of gun cabinets are vulnerable to being pried open the manufacturer recommends that the unit you choose to mount inside a closet to help discourage an intruder from making off with your security cabinet and guns since you limit their leverage space by mounting your cabinet in your closet.

However, you can use these security cabinets to help prevent children from getting a hold of your guns. Keeping the kids safe will be something you may have to deal with more often than an intruder will. Using a Homak gun cabinet can help you protect your firearms, your home and your children from harm. Having a safe place to keep your firearms is essential.

These particular gun safes are securable with key locks. Actually, these security cabinets feature the use of two locks. On lock is at the top and the other at the bottom of the door. This design is much sturdier. However, the locks are not protected from punching or drilling. They are light duty gun safes with a full-length welded and pinned hinge that runs along the right edge of the cabinet door.

A Homak gun safe is ideal for a started gun collection. Some are even fire-resistant and weigh somewhere between 70 to 175 pounds depending on the model you choose to use at home. They meet the minimum storage standards of most states. However, remember they are light duty and may not stop a professional thief but they are sufficient to keep out the casual thief, curious houseguests and the children. These security cabinets do not provide you with the type of security, as does a heavy-duty gun safe since they are less expensive. However, they do not take up a great deal of space and they are sufficient for storing various firearms. Using them is a much better choice than storing guns behind the front door or in the back of a closet.

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Biometric Gun Safes- Best Deals

Biometric Gun Safes

Have you been looking for a great deal on a Biometric Gun Safes? Then you have come to the right place.

If you have guns in your home, then it is to your advantage to have the most secure safe possible holding those guns at all times.

Biometric gun safes require a fingerprint to be opened. While gun safes have always been popular for those keeping guns in their homes or businesses, there has been a recent surge of interest in this type of safe. There are a variety of factors that may be influencing this trend.Biometric Gun Safes

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When the science behind a biometric safe was first developed, it was so expensive that only the super rich or government agencies could afford the investment. Today, the technology has expanded and the prices are starting to come down. This has made it possible for more people to afford biometric safes which require a fingerprint to open.

Rather than using a key to unlock this type of safe, you have to put your finger on a small pad. If your fingerprint matches the print that was programmed into the lock, then it will open. If your fingerprint is not a match, then the safe will not open.

This gives a greater sense of security, since someone breaking into your home or trying to access your gun safe without permission will be highly unlikely to succeed. They don’t just need a key. They need the fingerprint of someone authorized to enter the safe.

Biometric Gun Safe Facts: What You Need to Know

• Biometric gun safes now have a battery life equal to that of less secure safes.
• More than one fingerprint can be programmed into a fingerprint-secured safe.
• You can use more than one finger of your own hand to increase security of your safe.
• Incidence of false rejection rate has now been minimized with advanced technology.
• This is the fastest method of gaining access to your safe when you need it for an emergency.

You don’t have to worry about a short circuit, fire, flood or other natural disaster when using this type of safe. Stainless steel is used in the design, making a biometric safe virtually indestructible. In addition to the strength of the material, the interior of these safes will be shock proof, adding extra security to your guns and whatever else you may decide to store away. The only exception is your ammunition, which you would not want to store inside your safe.

Most biometric gun safes are used in the home, but there are portable models that can be stored in the trunk of your car or travel with you as needed. Even though this is a relatively new technology, operation of these safes is very simple. Once you purchase your safe, all you have to do is program the lock to detect the impressions and grooves of your finger. A laser is used to do this quickly. When it comes time to open the safe, you simply press the correct finger over the finger pad and allow the laser to detect that you are authorized for access.

Why Use a Biometric Safe?

• It is much easier to gain access with a fingerprint than a key or lock when in the dark.
• You never have to worry about finding a key before you can get into your gun safe.
• The combination is in your finger, so you don’t have to remember it.
• Shaking hands from a stressful situation will not interfere with accessing the safe.

To make sure your gun safe is of top quality and will be functional at all times, look for brand names that are trustworthy. The leading manufacturer today is GunVault, though Barska is also putting out high quality products today.

When you bring a gun into your home, office or another environment, you take on a lot of responsibility. If the wrong person gets a hold of your gun and does something wrong or an accident occurs, you could be held liable. Locking all firearms into the best safe possible is the least you can do to prevent firearms from falling into the wrong hands.

The technology used to make biometric gun safes is relatively new, but it has been around long enough to start seeing prices drop. Since these safes offer faster access to your guns in an emergency and are much harder to crack by a criminal, it makes sense that they are becoming incredibly popular with gun owners everywhere.

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Browning Gun Safes Sale

Browning Gun Safes

This blog contains a review of one of the most popular gun safes, the Browning Gun Safes.

Every gun safe is kind of standard – rugged, plain steel looks, the usual door, the usual opening mechanism, and some more of the usual stuff. However, Browning gun safes are different – these elegant safes feature an enamel finish, eye candy range of scroll designs, a gold-plated handle, and superior craftsmanship.

A Browning safe is an extremely attractive and secure safe that offers great value for money.

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These safes feature a robust internal mechanism, which is stronger and different from the other gun safes in the market. These features ensure that your firearms and valuables are housed in a safe and secure environment that is easily accessible by you and impossible to break into by others.

In most gun safes, the locks are visible just at the inside of the door. However, all Browning gun safes are securely enclosed in steel, you cannot view the lock on these safes. The bolts on these gun safes cannot be forced open from the safe’s exterior. Typically, thieves are aware of where a safe’s bolting mechanism is located and how it can be forced open. They cannot do this with a Browning gun safe and that’s because the bolts just cannot be removed. This means that a Browning gun safe is secure – in fact, more secure than any other safe in the market.

These were the key reasons why Browning gun safes have developed a cult status in America. The company manufactures eight types of gun safes that can be used in any American home. Browning safes are big enough to handle long firearms like rifles. Here are the different types of Browning safes along with their USP:

Browning ProSteel Gun safes

The ProSteel range of gun safes is specially meant for securing heavy weapons. These safes feature robust 10-12 gauge steel structures and come equipped with sturdy and modern cam lock mechanisms. Plus, their uniquely engineered and modern design helps guard against theft. Prosteel gun safes are fireproof as well as they are built using many layers of fireproof and strong insulation – plus, a fire seal that is engineered to withstand high temperatures surrounds the door’s perimeter.

Browning gun safes are also armed with Duo-Plus Extra (DPX) storage systems. DPX storage is a patented and unique storage system that allows users to stores multiple firearms like rifles, small guns, shotguns, etc., on the door, thereby enabling easy access. As the door is also used to keep guns, the interior storage area gets boosted and the result is that you can store 8-10 guns extra in a Browning gun safe.

If you use guns with scopes, look for the DPX Scope Saver™ on the ProSteel safes range. You can place your optics on the door of these safes. When gun optics are placed on or next to firearms or other valuables, they can get damaged. The DPX Scope Saver™ helps protect your gun optics from such damage.

The Axis Adjustable Shelving System, which is another standard feature on all ProSteel Browning gun safes, is a unique shelving system that can be easily adjusted horizontally or vertically depending on gun size. Other safes do not offer such storage versatility. The Axis shelving system ensures that you can accommodate different gun sizes in one safe.

If you are a beginner, you should try out the Sporter Browning gun safes. Sporter safes are thick (12-guage), made from one-piece, and come equipped with a solidly reinforced door, which, aided by Browning’s patented Force Deflector Locking Mechanism and the super-strong 1” thick bolts located at the top, ensures that thieves just cannot break into it. Plus, you have the option of equipping the safe with an electronic lock.

Browning’s Tactical Safes

Browning launched its tactical safes in 2009. Initially, the company launched two series of Tactical safes – Mark I and Mark II. Mark II featured more space inside in the form of a gun rack located on the side. Today, the company has launched the Mark III series, which features an extra-tough 12-gauge body and 1200-degree F fire protection for up to 45 minutes, The Mark II series are available in 23 and 33 cubic foot sizes and is UL listed. Tactical series safes featuring DPX storage contain loops that hold many types of guns.

Browning’s Platinum Series

The Platinum series safes are made using superior quality steel. These safes feature very rich interiors as they have mirrors at the back and cedar wood on their ceilings and sides. All Platinum series safes come loaded with Browning’s patented DPX Storage System. Plus, users also get DPX Barrel Loops, which allow them to easily store longer guns.

Browning’s Gold Series (G65F)

If you want to store 66 long guns, then you must choose Browning’s Gold Series models. These safes feature mirrors in their interior and are available in five different colors. You can also store small guns like pistols and handguns in these safes.

Browning’s TheftGard Safes

TheftGard series safes are heavy safes that can withstand 1200-degree (F) heat for 30 minutes and come equipped with a special U-channel steel door that’s very difficult to break into. The hinges fitted in these safes are heavy-duty and constructed at an angle of 180-degrees, which literally makes them immobile. These safes look robust and macho, and that’s why this series is in huge demand.

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To sum up

All Browning gun safes provide solid safety and security for all kinds of firearms. These safes come with a reasonable warranty that ensures that the safe is replaced in case of fire-damage or break-in. However, the warranty holds good only for the original buyer (which makes it non-transferable). Enforcing the warranty must also be backed by a police report.

The company spends generously on research and development and each safe is specially constructed to withstand fires and break-ins. You can be assured that Browning gun safes use the latest technology and very high-quality materials. Each safe is equipped with lights that enable you to view the safe’s contents in the dark. Remember, a Browning gun safe holds enough firepower and lasts for many years and makes for a sound investment.

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Barska Biometric Safe Deal

Barska Biometric Safe

Choosing the right Barska Biometric Safe is very important.

Do you want to store your valuables, confidential documents and weapons like hand guns in a 100% secure environment that’s right inside your home, which can only be accessed by you? If you are, the Barska biometric safe is the right solution for you.

Once upon a time, only keys could be used to open safes. Then came the combination locks. Today, combination locks are on their way out because thieves have gotten smarter. Biometric technology is fast replacing combination locks and ensuring that only users, whose fingerprints have been uploaded into the safe’s software, can open the safe.

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The Barska biometric safe, which incorporates this modern technology, helps store your valuables and weapons as well. These safes ensure that dangerous firearms can only be accessed by authorized persons. You can comfortably store two hand guns (full sized), ammo and accessories in a Barska gun safe.

The Barska biometric safe contains a fingerprint scanner that uses optical technology and accepts only specified fingerprints, thereby cutting off the safe’s access to unauthorized people. You can specify and upload up to 30 different fingerprints. It makes sense to scan a fingerprint from multiple angles and store all the data just in case. It also makes sense to store 3-4 fingerprints for use in the event of an accident impacting your hand. The Barska biometric safe allows you to code and upload the fingerprints and gives you full control. These helpful features ensure that your firearms or other valuables are 100% safe and secure.

The Barska biometric safe is speedy, in the sense that it can be opened in under 5 seconds. All one has to do is push the “ACCESS” button and place their finger on the biometric area. That’s all that is required to open the safe’s door. It’s a single touch operation ensures that you get access to the safe’s contents in a jiffy. So, you can be rest assured that in the event of an intrusion or a burglary, you will be able to get your hands on your firearm in quick time.

Click Here for the Lowest Price on the Barska Biometric Safe

The Barska biometric safe is very light. It weighs a mere 30-odd pounds and is portable. Its dimensions are: 16.5” X 7.75” X 14.5” – Width X Depth X Height. It comes equipped with inbuilt straddling hardware that allows you to mount it on walls, on the floor, or any other secure area of your choice. You can also keep in inside your drawer or mount it on secret spots like the area under the stairs. The safe is built using steel and is extremely robust and unbreakable. It is both durable and dependable and you can be assured that your handguns are secured in a very safe facility.

You don’t have to worry about its fingerprint recognition capabilities or about what happens if the batteries are exhausted because Barska biometric safe’s failure rate is way lesser than a teeny-weeny 1%. But you don’t have to worry about this failure rate because Barska, the manufacturer, provides you with 2 emergency keys that allow you to open the safe in case the batteries die or there is an electronic glitch. The safe is also backed up with an iron-clad 1-year warranty.

Complaints about the Barska biometric safes are rare to come by. Sometime back, many owners complained about the loud beep that the safe made when it was opened – but this was considered as a necessity by many because only a loud beep could alert them just in case there was an attempt to break the safe. However, the newer Barska models have fixed this issue and you can turn the beeper off if you don’t want to hear the sound.

One of the biggest advantage of the  Barska gun safe is that it can be opened in the dark. This is very important because you can access your weapon quickly when you perceive a threat during the night. All you have to do is place your finger on the scanner and open the safe – and this takes no more than 5 seconds. Can you imagine using keys or fingering a combination lock to open a safe when you sense an intruder in the dark?

To sum up, Barska biometric safes are durable, robust, and easy and fast to access. Securing your weapon in such a safe is as good as slinging it around your hip – it’s that simple.

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